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tv   Action News  ABC  December 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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that caused death of a 93-year-old woman and we hear from septa officers that 93-year-old woman and we hear from septa officers that delivered a baby on the l. >> they're like the scars from the hit-and-run accident tire tracks in the grass left by pickup truck after it went ow of control and crashed into a house in bristol township was the
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crash spopts for the death of a 93-year-old woman inside it is friday night and big story on "action news" tonight is latest on a hit-and-run investigation and police say they have now questioned the opinion believed to be the owner of the truck. live in bristol township "action news" reporter dann cuellar, dann what's the latest. >> the latest jim is that the 0-year-old according to authorities is cooperating but for now he has been set free without being charged. this pending further investigation into the hit-and-run accident that ended with a woman dead on her 93 birthday. >> he expressed remorse and been cooperative through the entire process. >> acting chief ralph done john said owner of suspected truck came in voluntary after police located the red dodge ram with visible front end damage 500 block of badge road in bristol burrow. >> became with the parts from the scene and matched the
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vehicle. >> authorities say now they have to establish who was driving it was there alcohol in the blood stream and wait until the coroners report to see if it contributed to the death of 9 33-year-old woman. >> the house shook just shook i thought what is going on here. >> ron russo said it caused a dresser to almost fall on top of the petite 93-year-old. she was on hospital care in a medical med. >> who does this hit-and-run. >> who does this what if there's a baby behind the wall. >> fire and medics moved her into a room and the son thinks circumstances is too much and hastens pass ago way among religious statues that give her comfort. >> one of the family members of the driver responded to their home with an apology and they
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were graish us in accepting it. >> district attorney david heckler meets with his team next week to see where the case goes from there. there will be kharns it's a matter of sorting through the evidence to see where it leads we're live in bristol police headquarters dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thank you ux dann. in philadelphia gasoline leaking from a food truck caused a hazmat situation in germantown. wayne avenue and pierce street reported a strong odor. fire and pgw rushed to the scene and evacuated homes. they stopped the leak and everybody was able to return. in the lawndale section of philadelphia officials are trying to determine the cause of a fire in the 500 block of north street. and it took firefighters 25 minute to bring this blaze under control. fortunately it seems to have been confined to a single units on the third floor. nobody was hurt red cross is
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assisting the displaced family. police shut down route 3 upper merion tonight investigate a deadly motorcycle crash. when a biker collided with a truck the motorcycle slid underneath the vehicle it happened after 5:00 mccoy lane and the victim was not identified that point no charges were filed. >> fbi very much wants to catch a serial bank rob whor was having way too much success this month he struck twice today alone and most recent target was pnc easton road and glenside avenue cheltenham township. these are precious surveillance photos of the us is 13ebg9 from that hold up 12:30 and an hour before the bandit struck at 5 and jefferson in west philadelphia. we saw his alleged handy work later this week when "action news" arrived at pnc north broad and nit go o avenue.
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investigators believe the same man is responsible for six robberies or attempted robbery as cross philadelphia this month and plus the one in glenside today. in each of incidents the robber handed teller a threatening note and did not show a weapon. >> present arms. >> and that was the only sound in what was otherwise a silent procession carrying cassette ket of rafael ramos into the church today in queens. hundreds of police officers filed into the christ tabernacle church to attend ramos's wake today. ramos and his partner, liu were gunned down last weekend sitting in their patrol car. ramos was a committed member of the church where his body lies tonight. in fact he was studying to be a pastor. thousands of police officers from across the country are con verminging on new york for the funeral tomorrow. vice-president joe biden is also expected to be there. >> a makeshift memorial in
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furgeson, missouri, for slain teen michael brown is repaired after destroyed by a motorist. "washington post" shared this image of the memorial after somebody drove through it and a few hours later a twitter user shared another image showing it was restored. the memorial was on the street where the unarmed brown was fatally shot by a furgeson police officer. they gathered tonight to remember the lives of two employees of the casual male xl store in millcreek, delaware murder on the job a decade ago. jessica watson and matthew masrato was killed execution snil 2004 during a robbery. there's no arrests in their murders. victims pam families release balloons. they come back every year praying for arrest. >> hammonton police oyvrd the 77-year-old woman who was struck by a mini van and killed while
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leaving saint anthony roman catholic church. she was trying to get into her car route 206 when hit. the driver remained at the scene and has not been charged. statistics are starting to come in. and they suggest that this was in fact a robust holiday shopping season and despite the fact that christmas was yesterday the retail season not over yet. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the south philadelphia target store. any, shoppers are coming there to do business at this hour. >> that's rights, jim, for those people who could get away with it some people waited until today to start the holiday shopping because of the great deals. in fact this target is open tonight until midnight. retailers are forecasting that today could be the second busiest shopping day of the year. retailers are cashing in their christmas present this year on the 26th of december. sales for this year's holiday shopping season are predicted to
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boost 5.5% from last year according to master card and today, customers kept that going by hitting stores early. looking for the best deals. >> they cannot beat you know the weather the sales saving money. >> in september city the warm weather gave another boost to retailers with no foot traffic. >> it is amazing today. much more than whole christmas holiday i wonder why. >> blue skies. >> the price slashes at major retailers fill the cherry hill mall. this was a day people used to line up and return and exchange now. >> the 6th of december became the busiest shopping days of the year and there was a time years ago dedicated to returns and now it's become a very, very active day to shoppers. >> this woman is a perfect example of how the day after christmas shopping routine shifted. >> i got some toys for the boys and scooter and alphabet things and nice little doggy for my daughter you. >> know it's after christmas
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you. >> know how it is i'm a working mom and have to get everything when i can get it. >> traditions die hard and there's shoppers that get to the mall as early as they could to bring back what they opened under the tree yesterday. >> we deposit want to deal with people. >> or crowds exactly. get out early. you know a lot of returns today. figured get in and get out. >> and one of the things retailers say is boosting their sales, people cashing in their gift cards. reporting in south philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you, annie. the flip side of the coin to on-line sales is all the returns and unwanted misdemeanor being september back through the system. and ups aexpanding a record number of return packages four million. delivery company expects january 6 to be its busiest day. it shows on-line retailers return policy is becoming increasingly important to consumers. >> sony playstation network is still off-line tonight.
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on the second day of outage which hackers called lizard squad are taking credit for. microsoft xbox live service is back on-line. though the company reports problems with functions. in august lizard squad took down playstation network and earlier this month promised some christmas presents. neither sony nor microsoft will say what disrupted their systems. >> crowds flocked to see "the interview" the film made over a million in ticket sales from 331 theaters and many cinemas reported selling out showings. a month ago it seemed nobody would see the movies following hacker threats. >> and they meet with mom and find out what she named her christmas miracle and going for doe hip the counter in violent pizza shop robbery. an a story with a lot of
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interest. a son surprises his interest by paying off their mortgage. we'll explain how they made that happen. >> across much of the eastern half of u.s. temperatures today high temperatures in the 50s, even 6 0s. we have a temperature reality check on the way next week. details with the accuweather forecast. >> jeff skversky with sixers looking to accomplish something tonight they have not done all looking to accomplish something tonight they have not done all season when "action news"
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>> this has been one of the most popular stories on the web site all year. everybody has wonderful feelings tonight after two transit officers helped deliver a baby on market frankford el yesterday and tonight everybody is doing fine. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim brings us up to date. >> reporter: it was a special
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reunion for the officers that helped deliver a christmas miracle. >> it got tearfull the mom all she could say to us was she said i remember you, >> this is sergeant caban moment after they helped delivered a baby last night open the l train. another passenger on the train captured the whole thing on his cellphonech the mother was traveling east on the train when the baby decided he could not wait. today the two officers came to hahnemann hospital to bring the mom and baby a stuffed train along with other gifts from septa to celebrate his birth. >> as for her baby aetion name she said chris, and i was like i what is that, she said chris, christmas, chris. >> i said oh, my god. >> my partner he walked out he got emotional. it was a blessing. >> good to see them healthy. >> officers are gets ago teption for the good deed. they say they were doing their job. >> it's a good reminder
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especially for public that it's not always just the bad you see. we'll be able to help you. >> something i will never forget. >> a special moment shared between these officers and new 34078 mom. a new life they hope they get to be a part of in the future. >> i hope they keep in contact i would like to see the baby grow. >> mom and baby chris are both doing just fine here at hahnemann tonight. they're hopeful they get to go home soon. center city, eva pilgrim, "channel 6 action news." >> residents in one marlton, new jersey neighborhood are looking for a christmas grinch. a vandal sold holiday lawn decorations and broke some others. a light-up reindeer was broken at the head and touched into a storm drain. baby jesus was stolen from another home and police say there were other reports of christmas crimes in the area. >> philadelphia police are searching for two men who robbed a little ceasars in north philadelphia and beat two
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employees to get money. surveillance cameras captured the crime monday nights on the store on 1100 block of west girard avenue and the men burst into the store and demand money from the clerks and handed some over but the robbers wanted more the thieves try to get the key to the safe and when an employee told him he did not have the code one of the suspects pupched and kicked employees. a successful iphone app maker gave his parents the surprise of a lifetime and it's become instant sensation on-line. >> joe ricklemay's folks thought they were done yesterday afternoon giving gifts and he nonsha lantly gave them a let letter let egging them know he paid off the mortgage. >> [ crying ]. >> i love you. >> his father was equally stunned. new york developer created app
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video shop. and has made enough money he could pay his parents back for some of what they have done for him. college loans, mortgage for their family's house, and it's all paid back. >> solemnly ceremonies today marked the 10 year anniversary of indian tsunami disaster the devastation began december 26, 2004 it was third largest earthquake ever recorded measuring magnitude of 9.1. it created a wall of water that hammered coast lines of 14 countries in southeast asia. more than 1 million people were displaced and more than 225,000 were killed. former president george h.w. bush remains in hospital tonight for a fourth night this in houston texas a family spokesman says the 90-year-old is in good spirits and continues to make progress. he was transported to the hospital tuesday after experiencing shortness of
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breath. george h.w. bush is oldest living former president. >> celebration of culture tonight on first night of kwanzaa punk waited by percussion . >> for one dance, trauma and drum theater host thdz event at unity hall tabor 2345bg in that casele church in burlington new jersey. it's more than appropriate to be held there since prince of unity or moja is focus of first day of kwanzaa. it runs until new year's day. >> let's get the weekend accuweather forecasts. melissa magee. >> jim, it's looking mild. both days well above average. something to enjoy as we get into saturday. double scan radar nice and dry and quiet across the delaware and lehigh valleys. outside we go. the action cam was outside earlier tonight and it's a gorgeous shot of the delaware river and uss battleship new jersey all lit up the day after
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this mass. we have mostly clear to partly cloudy sky overhead and conditions are nice and calm and quiet this time of year. high temperature today in philadelphia coming in 50. 8 above average. normal for us this time of year is 42. and that above average trend will continue even as we get into the start of the weekend. it's 40 in philadelphia, trenton upper 30s. poconos today 33 degrees after a high temperature north and west of town and in at 4 2. allentown 'and lehigh valley 31. ra long the coast beach haven toa sea isle city holding at 41. here's satellite and action radar across new england up and down mird atlantic region nice and dry. hi, thin clouds drifting in from the ohio valley and work their way east ward. we're not expecting precipitation to fall if the clause clouds. we look partly cloudy, dry, quiet for the start of the weekend. here's the is the-up. warm for december. you tap into southwesterly winds
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tomorrow for the high temperature in philadelphia coming in at 55 degrees. plenty of sunshine for all to enjoy and temperatures getting 13 above average and as you look to the west, however, there's a cold front moving across the great lakes as we get into sundays and that will trigger some rain showers across the region. and so future tracker 6 has you covered. sunday 8:00 in the morning mostly cloudy and showers breaking out north and west of town from poconos south and west ward to lancaster and cold front moving on through and there's not a lot of precipitation with it. so noon on sunday you have that moisture over spreading the delaware and lehigh valleys. but we're not expecting significant amounts of rainfall on the way. this fronts will knock temperatures down as we get into monday and beyond . >> your day planner for start of the weekend looking g chilly start in the morning, 7 a.m., mostly sunny, 10 a.m., 43, lower 50s on the way as we get to 1:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine to enjoy. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you mostly
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sunny, mild, enjoy. it high temperature 55. on sunday mostly cloudy. still mild, 50. we're tracking that front and showers are likely as we get to the afternoon hours. and some of the showers will persist as we get into monday at least for first half of morning hours and we start to clear out. we notice temperature knocks down to 40. tuesday arctic blast of air brisk and colder high temperature 38 and early call from accuweather new year's eve high temperature 30 degrees. dry for the mummers parade thursday, high of 36. 39 friday. get out and enjoy the weekend, jeff. >> thank you, melissa. >> we want to let you know about an update to 6abc stromtracker app. we added new features and they're available from the apple and goolle stores. tap the icon matching your kirnts conditions and add a photographer or dimming tall postcard.
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so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two whole years. plus now get $400 bonus with a two year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> the long road trip continues for the philadelphia 76ers. >> so far so good worst team in nba. baby steps chts progress here. sixers trying to win three in a row for the first time all season tonight. the last time they won three straight last january. coincidence or not last time they were in portland. trying to win against the blazers who have the second best record in the nba. sixers up two. 2nd quarter tony what a move here. drives to the basket.
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watch for the knee. sixers within 6. playsers getting red hot former lehigh star c.y. muqdadiyah call up the three and damian miller flies rights by noel. six everybody's down in the thirds quarter. >> eagles fans may not be complaining about this. corner bradley fletcher was allowed the most touchdowns and most yards in nfl questionable against the giants with a hip injury. fletcher has been getting beaten left and right this year especially last two games. des bryant caught three touchdowns over defensive back and desean jackson followed with two catches of over 50 yards. if healthy fletcher may have to deal with this guy. giant star odelle beckham junior. there's not a rookie in nfl with more touchdowns or yards than beckham junior.
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>> i love him he's a good player and showing it now. >> he's a great receiver, fast, great hands, runs great routes. reasons a lot of plays for him. >> he's much improved player. they're pushing the ball to him in the offense. we need to be ready for him. >> every time you turn around the eagles have turned the ball over. they have given the ball way more than any other team and that's why espn ron jaworksi says they're headed home for the holidays and not the playoffs. >> i feel like we've been talking about turnovers since week one. eagles continue to be careless with the football. 35 giveaways. the most in the national football league. what's that and more important than taking care of football. and this eagle team all season long had been careless with the football. until they learn that that football is a block of gold they're going to continue to
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lose football games because of it. >> all right. jaws, still to come in sports. penn state preparing to play at javrping hes stadium and bucks county james franklin getting ready for a bowl game at penn state. ready for a bowl game at penn state. hear what he's saying next.
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>> it's first post san appreance since ncaa sanctions. here's penn state reasoninging opening bell at the new york stock exchange. penn state hopes to ring in new year with first win over boston college since '91 and not a player on the roster ever won a bowl game james franklin wants to thermometer out the good way. >> i want them to go out on a positive note.
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this is special bowl they give rings to everybody that participates in the bowl. there's a difference between being able to put bowl champion on the ring and that's what i want them to remember sending seniors out the right way toen the season on a positive note and be proud of what we accomplished this year. >> penn state played in old yankee stadium but not the new one. >> inner faith group served up holiday dinners and more in west philadelphia. chosen ministries had hot meals with all the trimmings and youngsters got presents. the group, which is known for work with homeless has been busy throughout the city all week offering meals, presents and caring. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline" for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good night. gardner. good night. have a great weekend
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- don rickles. kevin kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. that's very nice.


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